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in this section we would like to give you a clear listing of all our video tutorials.  Video tutorials are step-by-step instructions in the form of a film.

In our compilation you will therefore find many examples of instructions for the application of threading tools. We hope you enjoy browsing through them.

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The basics of threading

We will start with the basic applications, such as internal and external threading..

  • Make internal thread
  • Making external threads

In this video tutorial we will show you how you can easily determine an internal and external thread using a thread template.

  • Threading Gauge – How to use

But that is not the end of the work. To countersink a screw or for deburring, you need countersinking tools. In this Video-Tutorial we show you everything you need to know about countersinks and taper countersinks.

  • Countersinking – How to use

When you need to move fast! Tap bits are the fastest solution to cut a thread. In this article you will learn step-by-step how it works.

  • Threadingtools bits – How to use


For the professionals

For the professionals among you, who very often have to cut threads, we would like to present the following piece of jewelry: The pneumatic thread tapping machine (also: air tapping machine)

  • Air tapping machine – How to use


Try new products

At this point we would like to introduce you to a product innovation from the GSR think tank: The tool holder with centering eye and ratchet.

  • Toolholder with centring eye – How to use


Unscrewing and repairing a thread

We will show you how to remove a defective screw from an internal thread with the help of a screw extractor or coil.

  • Screw extractor or coils – How to use

If a screw cannot be screwed cleanly into a thread, your thread is dirty or broken. Here we show you how you can repair a broken thread.

  • Thread repair – How to use


Hole saws

We show you how to drill or saw socket holes with the help of a hole saw.

  • Hole saws – How to use


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We hope to have given you a small overview of the world of threading tools with our compilation.

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