External thread cutting with the quick-change insert for holding dies

GSR External threading with the e-Tapping assortment

The e-Tapping range from GSR has revolutionised external thread cutting. Previously, it was only possible to cut threads manually using the die holder. With the SC adapter, the thread can be cut as well as recut or reworked. This means that an external thread can now be cut very quickly and flexibly at the customer’s site or on the construction site.

Due to the increased demand and the good feedback from the trade, we have now decided to design another variation of the SC thread cutting adapter.

In this article, we would like to present the new quick-change adapter for holding dies. What are the similarities and differences to the SC adapter? What are the fields of application?

We distinguish in our e-Tapping range between:

What are the similarities between the SC adapters?

Both thread cutting adapters can be used for external thread cutting with a depth of up to 80 mm. Both external thread adapters are suitable for cutting threads. The materials for which the adapters can be used depend on the dies used.

We recommend the use of our dies according to DIN EN 22568 HSS-VAP for construction and free-cutting steels up to 800 N/mm² and HSSE-VAP for stainless steels as well as heat-resistant and high-strength steels up to 1200 N/mm2. Dies in the size 29×5 mm can be clamped for the thread dimensions M3 – M12.

What are the differences between the two SC adapters?

The two products differ essentially in the shaft. The SC adapter with a three-surface shaft is specially designed for holding cordless drill bits. The SC adapter with quick-change shaft or Quick-Change, on the other hand, is designed for tapping arms and QC adapters.

The highlight: The SC adapter with quick-change shank or quick-change insert for holding dies is designed for use in threading arms. However, mobile use is also made possible by combining it with a QC adapter.

Image: SC adapter with quick-change shank + QC adapter

Who are these thread cutting adapters suitable for?

Both thread cutting adapters for external threads are less intended for the hobbyist. There are many creative approaches on the Internet for DIY enthusiasts who rarely have to cut an external thread to cut a thread with the help of a cordless drill. In this case, the die is clamped sideways in the show stick and the bolt in turn in the cordless screwdriver.

Please be careful! Injuries can occur very quickly with these home-made constructions due to the high torques and lack of back-slip clutches. If the tool gets jammed when threading, you can very quickly injure your wrist.  Even if many amateur DIYers would claim that their wrists can withstand a lot. You will lose the battle: machine against man!

The SC adapters, regardless of the shank, are primarily intended for metalworking companies and industrial enterprises that have to cut large numbers of external threads quickly and reliably. Another advantage is that even with different thread diameters, only one adapter (M3-M12) needs to be used. The e-Tapping range thus covers the requirements of SMEs in particular.

Here are some application examples from our customers:

  • Galvanising shops – the thread is recut after galvanising or electroplating.
  • Construction companies – the thread has to be cut quickly on a bolt.
  • Car manufacturers and garages – the thread is recut in tight spaces after painting or touch-up.
  • Industrial companies – thread cutting directly on the workpiece where the machines cannot reach.

Advantages of the adapter for male thread e-Tapping at a glance:

  • Especially for metalworking companies as well as industrial companies
  • Fast & precise external thread cutting
  • Gauge-holding threaded studs
  • Immediately ready for use, hardly any set-up time
  • 1 adapter for thread diameters: M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 and M12
  • Optionally available for cordless drill or tapping machines
  1. Twist-clamp ring: With this ring, it is very easy to clamp the dies in the adapter with a twist.
  2. Locking screw: For correct positioning of the 25×9 mm cutter
  3. “Smart Change System”: The innovative ball clamping system enables the cutting irons to be changed quickly.
  4. Guide slot: Accommodates cutting iron guides with chip container for chamfering the bolt
  5. Measuring scale: The external thread can be cut up to 80 mm. Simple and visible control of the thread depth
  6. Quick-change shank: For mounting in tapping machines, tapping arms as well as QC adapters

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