Wood Drill and Snake Drill

Wood drills and auger drills in wood processing

Beam and snake bits are wood borers for wood processing. They are very long and are ideal for through holes or deep blind holes. The large spirals of the drills look like an Archimedean screw from a distance. The large flutes are used for better removal of the wood chips. Both drill types are designed to first cut the edges of the hole. This enables a clean cutting result at the edge.

Wood drill: beam drill and snake drill

Beam drill

Beam drills have a very thin center point at the end of the drill head. As the name suggests, the beam drill is used for timber beams and timber joints. The following materials could be processed with the drill: Beams, hardwood and softwood

The beam drill is among others also under the names: rafter drill or slotted hole drill.

Auger Drill

The auger bit is visually similar to the beam bit. The only difference is the centre point. The centre point of the auger bit has an integrated thread. The Impact Drill is also called Wood Drill with Lewis Helix, Lewis Drill or Snakewood Drill.

Wood drill: beam drill and snake drill differ in the drill tip


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