Video-Tutorial: Countersink

Countersink Video Tutorial

In our video tutorial you will receive a step-by-step instruction for cone countersinking.

To countersink screws, you have to make a countersink after drilling. While a conical countersink is required for countersunk screws, a flat countersink is required for hexagon socket screws. Depending on the type of screw, countersinks or flat countersinks, also called countersinks for pins, are used for this purpose.

Countersinks usually have three axially and radially relief-ground cutting edges with a countersink angle of 90 degrees or 120 degrees and are made of HSS material. Countersinks with an angle of 60 degrees are used for deburring.


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Proceed as follows to lower the cone:

  • Measure the screw head with caliper gauge
  • Select the appropriate countersink
  • Create tapered countersink
    countersink screw

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