Thread QC Adapter e-Tapping with hexagonal shaft for cordless screwdrivers

Thread QC adapter e-Tapping with hexagonal shaft for cordless screwdrivers

There are again news from the GSR think tank. Our latest product innovation is called Threading QC Adapter. Turn a square into a hexagon with the Thread-Cutting QC Adapter and cut threads easily with a cordless screwdriver.

With the new type of thread cutting QC adapter, precise internal thread cutting according to DIN standard is possible with a cordless screwdriver. Machine taps, cut-in taps and hand taps can be clamped and unclamped in the quick-change insert with a click. Due to its 9 mm hexagonal shaft, the QC adapter can be clamped in all common cordless screwdrivers with infinitely adjustable torque.

The Thread QC adapter

QC stands for Quick Change and describes the quick and easy change between the quick-change inserts. Machine taps, cutting taps and hand taps can be changed quickly with just one click.

Special product features:

QC-ADAPTER: 9mm hexagonal shaft

QUICK CHANGE INSERTS: suitable for square shanks according to DIN 10 to 8.5 mm

SAFETY SHEET CLUTCH: integrated and infinitely adjustable

Application of the threading QC adapter:

The GSR QC Thread-Cutting Adapter is clamped with the hexagonal socket in the cordless screwdriver with torque regulator. You can clamp the required tap in the quick-change system.

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Advantages over the conventional threading adapter:

  • Professional solution for metalworking and for precise thread cutting in DIN quality
  • Safety slip clutch is integrated, therefore suitable for ALL cordless drills and not only for those with a built-in slip clutch or a specific brand.
  • The QC-System (Quick Change) results in less set-up time, because you can quickly change between the individual taps.
  • Suitable for all taps: hand taps, finishing taps, cutting taps and machine taps
  • Suitable for taps with through shank DIN 376
  • Suitable for machine taps with reinforced shank DIN 371
  • Suitable for blind holes and through holes

Thread cutting QC adapter is available in our shop:

Threading QC adapters

Various quick-change threading inserts

Thread QC adapter set consisting of adapter and a quick-change insert

7-piece thread cutting QC adapter for machine taps DIN 371/376

7-piece thread cutting QC adapter for machine taps DIN 352


Size DIN 2184-2 DIN 2184-1 DIN 2184-1
(DIN 352) (DIN 371) (DIN 376) Art. No.
1 M1-M1,8 M1-M1,8 00666100
2 M2-M2,5 M2-M2,5 M4 00666110
3 M3 M3 M5 00666120
4 M3,5 M3,5 00666130
5 M4 M4 M6 00666140
6 M5-M8 M5-M6 M8 00666150
7 M10 M10 00666160
8 M8 00666170
9 M12 M12 00666180
10 M10 00666190

Comparison table of quick-change thread-cutting inserts for taps

Shaft-∅ x Square DIN 2184-2 DIN 2184-1 DIN 2184-1  
mm (DIN 352) (DIN 371) (DIN 376) Art. No.
2,5×2,1 M1-M1,8 M1-M1,8  — 04839010
2,8×2,1 M2-M2,5 M2-M2,5 M4 04839020
3,5×2,7 M3 M3 M5 04839030
4×3 M3,5 M3,5  — 04839040
4,5×3,4 M4 M4 M6 04839050
6×4,9 M5-M8 M5-M6 M8 04839060
7×5,5 M10  — M10 04839070
8×6,2  — M8  — 04839080
9×7 M12  — M12 04839090
10×8  — M10  — 04839100
11×9 M14  — M14 04839110
12×9 M16  — M16 04839120
14×11 M18  — M18 04839130
16×12 M20  — M20 04839140
18×14,5 M22-M24  — M22-M24 04839150

If you have any questions about the Threading QC Adapter, we look forward to hearing from you. Please write to us under info [@] We will be happy to advise you! 

By the way, the Threading QC Adapter is available in a designer metal stand for your workshop!

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