The surface treatment of threading taps

A distinction is made between surface treatment and surface coating.

Surface treatment process

Surface treatment includes the following processes:

  • Nitriding
  • Vaporize

Nitriding increases the surface hardness of the tap. Wear resistance increases and the sliding properties during cutting improve.

Vaporizing is a vapor treatment of the tap. Sliding resistance and friction are reduced and cold welding is avoided.

Surface coating process

Surface coating includes the following processes:

  • Titanium nitride process (TIN)
  • Titanium carbonitride layer (TiCN)
  • Titanium Aluminum Nitride Coating (TiAIN)

The titanium nitride (TIN) process has long been proven. The application is carried out according to the CVD process (chemical vapour deposition). High hardness, high adhesive strength and high toughness are the desired properties.

The titanium carbonitride layer (TiCN) has the following properties: very high hardness, very high adhesive strength and relatively high thermal conductivity.

The Titanium Aluminum Nitride Coating (TiAIN) is used for higher temperature loads and reduced cooling possibilities. It is very heat resistant.

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