The die holder

The die holder – The holding tool for dies

What is a die holder? What is it for?

You need a die holder to hold round dies. The dies are inserted there with the notch facing upwards. Then the fastening screws are tightened with a slotted screwdriver. Usually the dies have a cut on both sides, so it doesn’t really matter which side you use for cutting.

What you should pay attention to when buying a die holder

If you choose a die holder, you should make sure that it is manufactured according to DIN. This can be seen, for example, from the fact that there are a sufficient number of fixing screws. For smaller diameters there are 4, for larger diameters you need 5 fixing screws. It is also important that the fixing screws have a tip that is centred in the pilot holes of the dies. Usually the tip is formed at an angle of 90 degrees.

How is a die holder manufactured?

The body of the holder is made of die-cast zinc. This modern material is light but still sufficiently strong with a tensile strength of approximately 330N/mm2 of zinc alloys.

In addition, there are other advantages for this material: the raw material is cheap, it is strong, wear resistant and finally it is completely recyclable.

The body is produced in a hot chamber casting process. The process benefits from the low melting temperature of the zinc alloy of just over 400 degrees. The material is “shot” into the preheated mould at high pressure. It is important here to avoid so-called cavities (blowholes) in the workpiece.

The production process continues with mechanical processing (thread cutting) and painting. Then the chrome-plated steel handles are mounted and the burnished fixing screws are screwed in.

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