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Recently a customer came to us with an adjustable refrigerator foot screw and asked if we could repair it.

Since this is basically a small thing (if you know how, it is quickly done by yourself), we were able to rethread the thread after a few minutes and send the customer home happy with his repaired screw.

We are sure that the knowledge of how to retighten a screw will be of interest to many people and therefore we would like to share it with you here. Let’s go!

The crushed thread on a refrigerator foot screw

In our example we are dealing with an adjustable foot screw for a refrigerator. Basically, you can use the same procedure for dishwashers, freezers or other large kitchen appliances.

As can be seen in the picture, one thread has been crushed, making it impossible to screw it in.

What do you need for thread re-cutting?

For thread re-cutting you need considerably fewer tools than for cutting external threads:

  • Round dies
  • Die holder
  • Bench vise
  • Defective screw/ refrigerator foot screw

Thread re-cutting instructions

Step 1: Determine the thread type to select the appropriate die

You should first determine the thread that needs to be regrooved. Thread sizes for adjustable screw feet of a refrigerator can be found in the manufacturer’s manual. A brief Internet search may also be helpful. Most manufacturers use an ISO standard thread in M6, M8 or M10.

In our example, we measured the outer diameter of the thread with a digital caliper and then looked up the values in a technical table.

Thread outer diameter 7.88 mm = M8

We need a round die with standard thread M8 x 1.25

In this blog series we have summarized step-by-step how you can determine a thread yourself. 

Step 2: Preparations

Clamp the screw firmly in the vice.

Clamp the M8 die into the die holder. How you clamp the die is unimportant, as the gate allows cutting with each side. In other words: there is no wrong side of the die.

Step 3: Re-tapping the thread

Place the die and die holder on the screw and slowly start retapping the thread clockwise. You should have to apply little force to do this. If you do need more force at one point, turn back half a turn and try again. Repeat the process until the die slides over the thread like butter. Voila! You have re-cut and repaired your refrigerator foot screw.

For testing, you can screw an appropriate nut onto the foot screw.

In contrast to external thread cutting, where you produce a completely new thread, you do not need any thread paste when recutting.


Re-threading a thread can be done very quickly with just a few tools and knowledge.

The next time you find a thread screw damaged, consider retapping and repairing it yourself before buying a new one.

We hope you enjoyed the article and look forward to your feedback and comments. You need help with a thread determination? Write us under shop [at] gsr-germany .de. We will of course help you free of charge!

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