Tap extensions for hand taps according to DIN 377

Extensions for tools with a square according to DIN 10

Tap extensions are square attachments for adjustable taps or tool holders with ratchet, which – as the name suggests – serve as extensions for hand taps with square shank according to DIN 10. In addition, tap extensions can be used for all other tools with square shank (e.g. screw extractors).

Gewindebohrer-Verlängerung für Maschinengewindebohrer mit Vierkantaufnahme

The tap extensions are available in different lengths and are made of steel. If required, they can also be inserted into each other for extension, as the inner and outer square of an extension are always the same size. These are used for hard-to-reach areas, such as deep internal threads.

For application:

The tap extension is clamped in the adjustable tap wrench. While the matching hand tap is inserted into the extension. You can see the suitable dimensions in our inserted picture.

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A distinction is made between tap extensions for hand-operated tools and machine taps. The former cannot be used for machines, as the concentricity is not suitable for machine taps. More details about extensions for machine taps can be found in this article:

Extensions for machine taps

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