Tap broken – what can you do?

Tap broken off – what can you do?

Since broken-off taps can usually only be removed at great cost and time and one wants to avoid damaging the workpiece by removing the tap, one should try to unscrew the broken-off part again,

there is a tool for this: the thread crown.

It is used as follows:

to remove the broken tap, insert the thread crown into the grooves of the fragment. If it is not possible to insert the thread crown, light blows with a hammer can be used. The tap is then moved back and forth using a tap wrench so that the fragment of the tap is loosened in the workpiece.

Gewindekrone bei abgebrochenem Gewindeschneider

Important: small fragments must be removed beforehand, as these can make it difficult to unscrew the tap or possibly damage the thread crown.

In order to turn the tap out, it must be turned against the thread direction. For smaller sizes it is advisable to proceed with feeling.

Here you can see the thread crown and a broken tap:

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