Smartphone Stativgewinde bei Selfie Sticks

Selfie Sticks and the Smartphone tripod thread

At present they are an indispensable companion for all holidaymakers. We are talking about Selfie Sticks. The best way to capture memories from new perspectives and thus create unforgettable pictures. All this at the touch of a button. Without having to address strangers.


Structure of the Selfie Stick

With the help of a Selfie Stick you can easily take self-portraits or group portraits with your smartphone. A Selfie Stick consists of a handle with an integrated release button that merges into a telescopic stick. At the end of the stick there is a thread which holds the Smartphone holder. A so-called Smartphone tripod adapter.

Thread Tripod Adapter for Smartphones DIN 4503-1 / ISO 1222

The most common thread size for a smartphone tripod thread is: 1/4″-20 pitch UNC (0.2500 inches) The UNC stands for Unified National Coarse Thread and is an American inch thread. The flank angle is 60 degrees. The increase is 20 turns per inch.

  • Notch hole diameter: 5.10 mm
  • Bolt diameter: 6.17 mm
  • Outer diameter: 5,1 mm

For the production of tripod connections or screw connections for camera threads or tripod threads according to DIN 4503-1 / ISO 1222

Since UNC 1/4″ is used for tripod threads for cameras, among other things, the manufacturers orientate themselves on this. Unfortunately most Selfie Sticks you can buy on holiday are not always of good quality. Especially the processed thread is very vulnerable and can break quickly.

In order for the Selfie Stick to survive many holidays and trips, it is recommended to do some research in advance. Inexpensive models can be purchased from about 10 Euros.

Hand tap or die for tripod threads and camera threads can be found here:

Hand tap set for tripod threads (internal thread)

Cutting tap for tripod thread (internal thread)

Die for tripod thread (external thread)

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