Punch Tap from EMUGE: new technology for internal thread production

The new Punch Tap from EMUGE

In addition to thread forming, thread milling and thread cutting, the company Emuge from Lauf an der Pegnitz is presenting a completely new type of threading tool. The Punch Tap.

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Advantages of the EMUGE Punch Tap

The advantage:
the unbelievable time saving of 75% in one thread cycle due to shortened tool paths.

The basic idea is as ingenious as it is simple: the thread forming time is reduced to half a thread revolution. The retraction and extension of the Punch Tap tool is, in contrast to conventional threading, extremely shortened and corresponds to a thrust movement on a helical path with a large pitch.

© EMUGE Werk GmbH & Co. KG


This technical masterpiece is first achieved by the punch teeth. They create two helical grooves when driving in. In these helical grooves, the thread teeth behind them are protected during retraction. Due to the special tooth geometry of the threaded part, the thread is then formed in one step.

Here the technicians of Emuge have thought “fresh” and so the new ” Punch Tap ” looks really very futuristic.

Anwendungsbild des EUMGE Punch Tap: eingespannter PunchTap beim GEwindebohren in einem Motorblock

© EMUGE Werk GmbH & Co. KG


However, the area of application of the Punch Tap is limited to aluminium alloys and similar malleable materials (according to our own information in the sales brochure). Furthermore, two additional helical grooves remain in the manufactured thread. Disadvantages caused by this are not obvious at first. The strength of the thread part due to the continuous fibre flow is classified as higher compared to the machining process.

If many internal threads have to be produced in the above-mentioned materials, such as in engine blocks, the process is unbeatable.

You can find more information about the innovative EMUGE Punch Taps here.


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