Problems with thread cutting

Problems with thread cutting

Today we would like to introduce you to possible errors and problems in thread cutting. It is not always possible to find the fault with the tap, as factors such as incorrect application can contribute to the cause of the fault just as much as the fixture, the machine or the workpiece. Therefore, you will find a small list of possible errors and their causes below. The list is not complete and will be added to in due course.

Thread too tight:

  • Tap does not cut accurately to the pitch
  • Tolerance is wrong
  • Too much forced guidance

Bohren in Metall, Metall Spiralbohrer

Thread too large:

  • Lead-in not centric due to faulty regrinding
  • concentricity error of the spindle or tool holder
  • Offset from tap to hole/ incorrect lubricant
  • Imprecise machine or device
  • chip jam in the grooves
  • Incorrect or insufficient workpiece clamping

Poor thread surface:

  • Unsuitable cutting geometry of the tap
  • core hole too small

Thread breakage of the thread to be cut:

  • Incorrect feed rate
  • Axial spindle play
  • Lead-in too long (wrong tap)
  • Slope distortion

Short service life:

  • Cutting speed too high
  • Incorrect rake angle
  • Additional surface treatment or coating of the tap required
  • Lubrication incorrect or insufficient

Tool break-outs:

  • Geometry of the tap unsuitable
  • Running up of the tap due to
  • Overloading of the gate teeth
  • Clamping during return

Breakage of the tap:

  • Drill hole too small
  • Worn tap
  • Incorrect rake angle
  • Lead-in too short (wrong tap)
  • Cutting speed too high
  • Bleed too long

Overheating of the tap:

  • Too little lubricant
  • Closed tap
  • Cutting speed too high

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