PowerSpike – The innovative metal drill with special grinding geometry

Metal drill with center point: GSR PowerSpike

When asked – Which metal drills are the best? – you have to consider for which application it should be used. There are many metal drills for stainless steel or metal on the market. The PowerSpike belongs to a special type of metal drill.

But first of all: What are metal drills?

What are metal drills?

A metal drill or metal twist drill can be used to drill holes in steel, iron, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper.

Metal drills can be distinguished between roll-rolled and ground drills. Roll-rolled metal drills are formed from a blank into a helix during production.

With a ground metal drill, the helix is ground from the solid, hardened material. More information about the differences between roll-rolled and ground metal drills can be found in this blog post:

Core hole dimensions – The tables

As you have already noticed, there is a suitable metal drill for every application and for every material. The PowerSpike combines many drilling properties in itself, so that according to our test it can definitely be called the best metal drill.

What is special about the GSR PowerSpike metal drill?

The PowerSpike from GSR is a metal drill with a center point. The colours gold and black give the twist drill a special optical impression. But the colour does not make the PowerSpike one of the best drills.

The PowerSpike is a high-alloy HSS drill made from solid metal. The cutting temperature considerably increases the tool life compared to conventional HSS metal drills. HSS stands for High Speed Steel (more information about HSS and HSSE, can be found in this blog post here). The PowerSpike has a special special alloy. It has a self-centering tip and eliminates the need for center punching. The special geometry of the grinding ensures a clean cutting edge profile. In addition, the PowerSpike has a three-face shank from Ø 5.5 mm. This makes it possible to clamp the twist drill in a cordless drill without it slipping through the drill chuck.

Here again all advantages of the twist drill in the overview:

  • Longer tool life
  • Reduced heat development at the main cutting edge
  • No ticking off
  • Triangular shank from Ø 5,5 mm
  • For steels up to 900N / mm2

Technical data and drawing of the Powerspike

Sizes: 1.00 – 13.0 mm

Application of the PowerSpike

When using the PowerSpikes there are basically no differences to other metal twist drills. A special feature is that a center punching is made by the center point. A center punch is therefore obsolete.

Please wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying chips!

  1. Clamp the PowerSpike in the cordless screwdriver or in the drill press. ✅
  2. Then clamp the workpiece to be drilled in a vice. ✅
  3. Punching is not necessary due to the centering tip of the PowerSpike. ✅
  4. Always use a lubricant to cool the drill and to be able to cut better into the workpiece. ✅
  5. Now place the PowerSpike at the point to be drilled. The parallel milled chamfer grooves ensure a low contact pressure. You do not need much effort. The PowerSpike cuts into the material like butter. ✅

The PowerSpike twist drills are available in our shop:




Tip geometry in its perfection

THREE SURFACE – Especially for cordless screwdrivers but also for box column drills

PARALLEL MILLED GROOVES – resulting in lower contact pressure and reduced heat generation at the cutting tip (from Ø 3.5)

CROSS-CUTTING END – With reduced cross cutting area


We wish you a lot of fun while drilling! You will find products around drilling in our shop.

GSR PowerSpike Metallbohrer für : Metallstück und Übersicht aller Größen auf der Arbeitsplatte

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