pneumatic threading machine / air tapping machine

Pneumatic threading machine or pneumatic threading arm is ideal if you often do threading. The thread tapping machine is also known under the name of “air tapping machine“.

pneumatische Gewindeschneidmaschine in blau von GSR Gustav Stursberg

What is a pneumatic threading machine?

Pneumatic tapping machines consist of a compressed air driven drive spindle, a parallel arm that can be screwed to a workbench and various tap adapters for the different square sizes. So you can cut threads quickly and safely with great precision.
The machine is supplied with six quick-change holders and covers the working range from M3 to M12.

With a swivel device, you can cut threads in oblique holes without aligning the workpiece.

Quick change system on the threading machine:

The tapping machine or tapping arm is supplied with six safety slip clutches of your choice, in the ranges M3 to M12

pneumatische Gewindeschneidmaschine, air tapping machine (Wechselsystem M3- M12)

Compressed air unit of the pneumatic threading machine:

The compressed air unit consists of a compressed air filter with regulator and a mist lubricator. The pressure of the compressed air unit can be adjusted at the upper adjustment knob. The knob
is released by pulling it out. Turning clockwise increases the pressure, turning counterclockwise reduces the pressure. To prevent accidental adjustment, the knob can be fixed in the starting position. The compressed air is filtered – water and dust are automatically expelled when the pressure is below 0.7kg/cm2. The valve can also be operated manually. The mist lubricator mixes the compressed air with oil. The quantity can be adjusted via the oil adjustment screw.

pneumatische Gewindeschneidmaschine, air tapping machine (Druckluft)

Product information

Technical details:

Rotation speed: 400 rpm
Working length: 950mm
Weight: 15kg
Working range: M3 – M12
Pressure: 6 bar
Air requirement: 750 l/min

* The illustration and technical data on this page describe our machine with article number – 00920020

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Pneumatic tapping arm with additional arm
Article for tapping Revolutions (rpm) Torque Working radius Air requirement Weight
00921010 M2~M8 700 12 (n-m) max 1900 mm min 200 mm 840 Liter/min 20
00921020 M3~M12 400 32 (n-m) 840 Liter/min 20
00921030 M3~M16 300 52 (n-m) 935 Liter/min 25
00921040 M3~M20 150/400 90 (n-m) 935 Liter/min 36
00921050 M3~M22 120/300 100 (n-m) 935 Liter/min 36
00921060 M3~M24 100/300 130 (n-m) 935 Liter/min 36
00921070 M3~M27 70/220 160 (n-m) 935 Liter/min 36
00921080 M3~M30 40/200 190 (n-m) 935 Liter/min 36

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