New: GSR Manual Thread Repair Version 2020

The original GSR Thread Repair Manual

The GSR Thread Repair Manual (Edition: 2020) provides you with brief and precise information on everything you need to know about thread repair. It briefly examines all conventional methods and evaluates their advantages and disadvantages under different conditions.

The procedure for thread repair using wire inserts is described in detail. In Germany the brand name “Helicoil” has become a generic term for this system. This form of thread repair, which is also used for thread armouring, is technically recognised and also DIN standardised. A chapter on design considerations when using thread inserts for thread reinforcement is also interesting. This is a topic that has received new impetus with the advance of 3-D printed components.

The manual is rounded off by a detailed table section. A unique feature is the consideration of the different lengths in the installed and uninstalled state of these wire inserts.

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