New: GSR Manual Drilling Version 2020

The original GSR Drilling Manual

The GSR Drilling Handbook (Edition: 2020) provides you with brief and precise information on everything you need to know about drilling in metal. The different types of HSS twist drills are presented and the different angles of the steel drills are visualised with clear graphic illustrations.

It is explained in detail what you have to consider when drilling in metal. The aspect of safety is not neglected. The whole thing is rounded off by a table section on the subject of cutting speed when drilling.

The overview of the different types of drills (short drills, long drills, drills with reduced shank) and their typical areas of application in steel, cast steel, grey cast iron and high-alloy steels as well as tempered and case-hardened steels (stainless steels) is particularly successful.

The author devotes a special chapter to step drills, sheet metal peeling drills and hole saws (can drills).

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