Is a thread produced well or badly? – Limit plug gauge

Is a thread produced well or badly? – Limit plug gauge

In this article we will explain how you can determine whether a thread is well or poorly manufactured. The answer: limit plug gauge.

Grenzlehrdorn eingedreht im Innengewinde eines Werkstückes zum Prüfen der Gewindequalität

Limit plug gauge

To determine the quality of a thread, it is best to use a limit plug gauge. The plug gauge has a good side and a reject side, which is marked with a red ring. The good side is screwed into the previously produced thread. This should be done smoothly. The reject side, on the other hand, should only be able to be screwed in by a maximum of 2 turns, i.e. it should only be touched briefly at most. The technical term for this is nailing on. The maximum and minimum dimensions of a test piece are thus observed and there are no pitch errors. The thread is fine. This test is very easy to handle and provides a reliable result as to whether a thread is good or “reject”.

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