How to repair a broken thread in 11 steps

If the thread is damaged, the screw can no longer be screwed into or out of the thread.

Thread repair kits help here

11 steps to thread repair:

  1. Determine the thread size using a thread template
  2. Refer to the GSR manual for thread size
  3. Clamp the appropriate core drill bit
  4. Oiling a core drill bit with thread cutting fluid
  5. Drill out the broken thread with the core drill
  6. Clamp the appropriate tap in a tap wrench
  7. Oil the tap with thread cutting fluid
  8. Cutting the thread for the thread insert
  9. Select a suitable thread insert and screw it in with the aid of the screw-in tool
  10. Break the tang with the tang breaker
  11. Do not forget to check your new thread

In the following video we explain how to repair a broken thread:


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