Hexagonal Die Nuts

Sechkant Gewindeschneid-mutter für die Montage in metrisch und zoll

What are Hexagonal Die Nuts?

Hexagonal Die Nuts are used for assembly work and for recutting threads in materials with low and medium tensile strength. There is the thread cutting nut for different types of threads.

There are the Hexagonal Die Nuts for metric, metric fine, BSW ( British Standard Whitworth Coarse), BSF ( British Standard Fine), UNC ( Unified National Coarse), UNF ( Unified National Fine) and NPT ( National Taper Pipe) threads.

Sechskantschneidmuttern, Hexagonal Die Nuts

All cutting nuts comply with the DIN 382 standard.

The tolerance class for metric and metric fine thread is 6g and for UNC and UNF thread 2a. The thread cutting nuts have a 1.5 – 2 thread lead.
They are similar in appearance to normal nuts, but are made of hardened HSS steel and have a cutting thread.
It is not suitable for cutting a new thread, but only for re-cutting or repairing an existing, not too badly damaged thread.
In contrast to a threading die, the space required for recutting is much smaller, since either an open-end wrench or a ring spanner is sufficient as a cutting tool aid. The hexagonal outer surfaces are burnished to resist abrasion and corrosion.

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