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What is a hand tap set?

A hand tap set is used to manually cut an internal thread. Normally, a hand tap set consists of three taps: taper tap, center tap and finishing tap. The hand taps have a square shaft (square according to DIN 10) to be clamped securely in thread holding tools. The hand taps can be clamped in an adjustable tap wrench and holding tools with ratchet.

3-piece hand tap set: pre-cutting tap, centre tap and finishing tap

3-piece hand tap set: pre-cutting tap, centre tap and finishing tap

2-piece and 3-piece hand tap set

For the UNF (Unified National Fine), BSP (British Standard Pipe), BSF (British Standard Fine) and MF (Metric ISO Fine Thread) hand tap sets, one set consists of only two hand taps. The two-piece hand tap set consists of a taper tap and a finishing tap.

An example:
The three-part set for metric ISO standard thread M 1 – M 68 consists of a taper tap, a centre tap and a finishing tap.
The taper tap with one ring and the centre tap with two rings are undersized. The finishing cutter has no ring on the shank.
The sizes from M1 to M6 are designed with a reinforced shaft and three flutes. The sizes from M7 to M68 have a through shaft and four flutes.

A hand tap set consists of

  • Tap = 1 ring on shank
  • centre cutter = 2 rings on shank
  • Finishing cutter = without ring

The following designations and abbreviations are used:

Tap DIN 352 -3S- M4 6H – HSS

  • DIN 352 = German Industry Standard ( old )
  • 3 S = three-part set
  • M4 = Metric ISO standard thread DIN 13 size 4 mm
  • 6H = tolerance class according to DIN 802 part 1
  • HSS: High-speed steel of the HSS alloy group

Infographics: Hand tap sets

Infobild 3-teiliger Handgewindebohrer-Satz: Vorschneider (Form A), Mittelschneider (Form D) und Fertigschneider (Form C)

Info picture 3-piece hand tap set

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