GSR SC-Thread Adapter

Simply cut the external thread with the cordless drill screwdriver!

Cutting an external thread is often a laborious job. A perpendicular cut, different holding tools for different die sizes and a lot of time are some of the disadvantages that can occur. Especially in metalworking companies it often has to be done quickly and precisely.

The GSR SC Threading Adapter offers a solution for all the problems of manual external threading. In combination with the GSR Silver Dies 25×9 mm and the die guides with chip container, external threads are not only cut cleanly and precisely, but also quickly and easily.

The GSR SC Thread-Cutting Adapter

This new adapter is another product of our GSR think tank, an absolute world novelty from GSR! As a new addition to our e-Tapping series, it is the counterpart to the GSR QC adapter (more information in this blog post here). With the QC-Adapter you cut internal threads, with the new SC-Adapter external threads.

The tool, with a body machined from the solid material, has been designed so that only one adapter needs to be used for different die sizes. The adapter holds dies according to the factory standard size 25×9 mm. This allows external threads from M3 – M10 to be cut quickly. Re-cutting is also possible for external threads M12.

The SC-adapter has several other features that make it the perfect tool for cutting external threads.

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SC-Threading Adapter

Economical with only 1 tool for 6-7 sizes!

“Smart Change System”: The innovative ball clamping system allows a quick change of the dies.

Twist-clamp ring: With this ring, the dies can be clamped in the adapter simply by turning

Locking screw for correct positioning of the cutting tool

Guide slot for receiving die guides

Triangular shank for optimum grip in the three-jaw chuck

Slot with scale: Cut thread visible and readable

Die guides with chip container

  1. Guide tube for the perpendicular gate, the inner diameter is exactly adapted
  2. Chip container for collecting coarse chips, thus no jamming as with conventional die guides without chip container

GSR Silver Round Dies

Dies Silver product line: The premium counterpart to the GSR machine taps Silver, available in HSS and HSS-E

Features of the Silver dies:

  • Innovative geometry
  • Double-sided bleed
  • Peeling cut on both sides ensures a simplified cut and good chip removal
  • Nitriding provides increased surface hardness, better heat dissipation and adhesion of the lubricant during cutting, thus preventing cold welding.
  • Lapped thread ensures burr-free and smooth cutting edges. Less friction during thread cutting results in improved cutting results
  • Larger gate diameter makes chamfering unnecessary from now on

Use in various materials:

  • Conventional steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Special alloys
  • Aluminium short chipping
  • Non-ferrous metal
  • Hard materials up to max. HRC 35

Here you can request our world novelty

Here you can request our world novelty

Step-by-step instructions for the SC adapter


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All about the e-Tapping series for cordless drill/drivers

The e-Tapping series is particularly suitable for metalworking companies, such as metalworkers, gate system builders, locksmiths, construction technicians, system fitters, assembly mechanics, etc.

Do you already know the QC tapping adapter? Click here for the shop! Click here for more information about the QC adapter for internal threads.

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