GSR die guides – perfect external threads without much effort!

GSR round die guides

Nothing is more annoying than cutting a thread and maybe even destroying its tool. In today’s blog post, we would like to introduce the new GSR die guides – a few simple tools that can cut plumb-line external threads in no time at all!

Who does not know it – cutting a perfect external thread is an art in itself. The most difficult part is to place the die perpendicular to the bolt. If this does not happen, both the bolt and the die can be damaged by cutting at an angle – the thread is cut.

Innovation: GSR die guides

As with the cutting of internal threads, the “skewed approach” is also a disturbing factor when cutting external threads. In our last article we introduced our GSR hand tap guides, with which you can cut a vertical thread quickly and easily with a few simple hand movements. The counterpart of the tap guides are the die guides.

With the help of the GSR die guides, it is easy to cut a vertical external thread. The advantages of these guides are manifold:

  • The thread is cut perpendicularly – regardless of whether the bolt has been straightened or not
  • The thread flanks are cut cleanly and neatly
  • By using the GSR die guides you always ensure a straight cutting direction running to the axis. This means that bolts and dies can no longer be damaged by slanting.
  • The die guides can be used for both left-hand and right-hand threads

How are the die guides manufactured?

All guides are manufactured by die casting. For this purpose aluminium is poured into a mould. Then the chip holes are punched in the guides to allow better chip removal during threading. The inner diameter of the guide tube of a die guide has a very specific size: it is adapted to the bolt diameter of the thread to be cut. This means that the guide fits exactly and the thread is cut perpendicularly without the die slipping!

The GSR die guides are suitable for:

  • Dies DIN 2236 = EN 22569 with die holder DIN 225 = EN 22568
  • Dies according to factory standard 25×9 mm

Application of the GSR die guides

The guide for die is placed under the die in the die holder and both are fixed with the locking screws. After the first cut has been made, the guide is removed and the thread is finished as usual.

Preparation and required tools

In order for the die to grip better on the bolt, the bolt should be chamfered. You can find instructions on how to find the correct bolt by the bolt diameter here.

The following tools are also required:

  • Workpiece (a bolt with the correct diameter)
  • Vise and protective jaws (optional), so that the workpiece can be securely clamped
  • Die holder for clamping dies and guide
  • Suitable round die for threading
  • Matching GSR die guide to allow for vertical gating
  • Thread cutting agent for optimal cutting

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Insert the die guide into the die holder with the guide tube facing down.

Step 2: Place the die over it and fix it with the locking screws of the holder. With our GSR dies, it doesn’t matter how you put the die in – they have a double-sided gate, so you can thread from both sides.

Step 3: Lubricate the chamfered bolt with cutting paste.

Step 4: Place the die in such a way that the die guide tube encloses the bolt.

Step 5: With a little pressure on the die, cut 2-3 gears.

Step 6: Turn the die holder back and put it down.

Step 7: Loosen the fixing screws, remove the die and then remove the guide from the die holder.

Step 8: Put the die back into the holder and fix it again.

Step 9: Finish cutting the thread as usual.

Step 10: The clean thread is finished!

Technical table of die guides

In the following overview you will find all available GSR die guides M3-M12 for the recommended nominal thread size.

Guides for dies according to DIN (M3-M12):

Nominal thread dimension Size die holder Bolt diameter Art.-No.
No. 1 (M3) 20×5 2,92 mm 00499001
No. 2 (M4) 20×5 3,91 mm 00499002
No. 3 (M5) 20×7 4,90 mm 00499003
No. 4 (M6) 20×7 5,88 mm 00499004
No. 5 (M8) 25×9 7,87 mm 00499005
No. 6 (M10) 30×11 9,95 mm 00499006
No. 7 (M12) 38×14 11,83 mm 00499007
Set M3-M12 00499010

Guides for dies according to factory standard (25×9 mm):

Nominal thread dimension Size die holder Bolt diameter Art.-No.
No. 1 (M3) 25×9 2,92 mm 00499101
No. 2 (M4) 25×9 3,91 mm 00499102
No. 3 (M5) 25×9 4,90 mm 00499103
No. 4 (M6) 25×9 5,88 mm 00499104
No. 5 (M8) 25×9 7,87 mm 00499105
No. 6 (M10) 25×9 9,95 mm 00499106
No. 7 (M12) 25×9 11,83 mm 00499107
Set M3-M12 25×9 00499110

GSR round die guides in our shop:

You will find this new innovation in our online shop.

Complete DIN die-guide set no. 1-7 – for M3-M12

Complete DIN die set No. 1-7 + 7x DIN die set HSS – for M3-M12

Complete set of DIN die guides no. 1-7 + 7x DIN die HSSE/VAP – for M3-M12

DIN Round die guide No. 1 – for M3
DIN Round die guide No. 2 – for M4
DIN Round die guide No. 3 – for M5
DIN Round die guide No. 4 – for M6
DIN Round die guide No. 5 – for M8
DIN Round die guide No. 6 – for M10
DIN Round die guide No. 7 – fot M12

Complete factory standard die-guide set no. 1-7 – for M3-M12
Factory Standard Die Guide No. 1 – for M3
Factory Standard Die Guide No. 2 – for M4
Factory Standard Die Guide No. 3 – for M5
Factory Standard Die Guide No. 4 – for M6
Factory Standard Die Guide No. 5 – for M8
Factory Standard Die Guide No. 6– for M10
Factory Standard Die Guide No. 7 – for M12

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