Do you want to carry out precisely fitting drillings? You can do that with a hole saw!

The hole saw can be used to produce accurately fitting holes for pipe ducts, sockets and switch sockets in various materials. When it comes to drilling really big holes for locksets or plumbing pipes you need a hole saw.

The complete tool consists of three parts: The shank, the exchangeable center drill and the round saw blades. The hole saw is right cutting. The depth of the hole is determined by the height of the saw blade. The hole saws can be used in hand and pillar drilling machines and have a high concentricity. The saw teeth of M3 material are welded onto the stable body made of special steel. They therefore consist of two materials. Therefore they are also called bi-metal hole saws. These models are suitable for unalloyed steels up to 700 N/mm² tensile strength, non-ferrous and light metals as well as plastics and wood.

Lochsägen, Bohrkronen, Dosenbohrer HSS Bi Metal für Bohrungen

Lochsägen, Bohrkronen, Dosenbohrer HSS Bi Metal für Bohrungen: Innengewinde und Metallkörper
Lochsägen, Bohrkronen, Dosenbohrer HSS Bi Metal für Bohrungen: Spannnuten und Sägezähne

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