Amazon’s Alexa and the thread

Amazon’s Alexa and the thread


You’re probably wondering what Amazon’s Alexa has to do with threads?
We asked ourselves the same question from thread cutters. This article will shed light on the subject.
Alexa, start GewindeMaster and ask…..

Alexa, start the GewindeMaster and ask…

The audio device Echo, developed by Amazon, has received an interesting functional extension (skill). The skill, designed by David Kirberich, allows you to query information about common threads. Alexa (codeword to activate Echo) understands this question among others:

Which core drill do I need for an M 8 thread?
Or: What is the pitch of an M 12 thread?

GewindeMaster currently only knows metric threads between M1 and M 64, but it is only a matter of time until further thread dimensions will be available. But first you have to activate GewindeMaster in your Alexa App.

What is Alexa anyway?

Alexa or Amazon Echo is a device developed by that can be operated by voice control. Alexa can play music lists up to weather forecasts or jokes, on command. Alexa is available on the German market since the end of last year.

What are skills?

Skills are functional extensions that are distributed via the Amazon marketplace. Programmers have the possibility here to offer skills similar to apps in the Google Play Store. According to Amazon, “Skills allow you to add new capabilities and customize your Amazon Echo device to your personal preferences.

Click here for the GewindeMaster Skill from David Kirberich


We hope you enjoy trying it out. Share your experiences with us in the form of a comment.

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