The fastest way to cut a thread – 3-in-1 combination tap bits

Work with the 3-in-1 combination tap bits (core drilling, tapping and deburring). In today’s blog post we will show you how to cut a thread quickly and easily. But not only that.
You save time and tools with the combination tap bits.

One of the fastest ways to cut a female thread is to use combination tap bits with hexagonal shank. The bits have a “¼” hexagonal shaft and can therefore be used with all common cordless screwdrivers with torque adjustment and hand drills with left and right rotation.

he absolute special feature of the combination tap bits is that three operations can be performed with a single tool.

  1. Core hole drilling (twist drill)
  2. Thread cutting (thread tap)
  3. Deburring (countersink)

The combination taps are manufactured according to factory standards and are suitable for short through holes (DuLo) with a thread depth of maximum 1 x d. Materials up to 600 N/mm2 tensile strength can be machined. This includes steels, metals and plastics up to 600 N/mm² tensile strength.


3-in-1 with the combination tap bits

1. core drilling

In the tip of the combination tap is an integrated core drill. This integrated core hole drill saves you from pre-drilling with a twist drill.

2. tapping

After the core hole drill, the tool body of the combination tap changes into an incision tap or machine tap. With this the actual thread is cut.

3. deburring

The combination tap finally turns into a countersink and deburrs the sharp points on the tap hole.

How do I cut a thread with combination tap bits?

We will show you step by step how to cut a thread using a combination tap bit. You should observe the following steps!

Please observe the general safety instructions:

  • Wear protective goggles!
  • Check the tools before use!
  • Always use thread cutting paste or cutting oil!
  • Clamp the tools firmly and securely before use!

Pay attention to the following instructions when handling combination tap bits:

  • Use a cordless screwdriver with torque limiter! When the drill is tilted, the force is transferred to the cordless screwdriver and then to the wrist. This leads to injuries.
  • In this context, please read the operating instructions of your cordless screwdriver or hand drill without fail.
  • Combination tap bits are only suitable for through holes.

Step-by-step instructions for drilling and cutting with a combination tap bit

  1. Clamp the combination tap bits into the drill chuck of the cordless screwdriver. If your combi tap bit has a square instead of a hexagon, you can use a thread adapter (more on this in this article: thread adapter with hexagon shank)
  2. Mark the workpiece with a center punch.
  3. Align the combination tap vertically.
  4. Then select a low speed on the cordless screwdriver for tapping.
  5. First cut the core hole.
  6. Then select a low speed on the cordless screwdriver for tapping.
  7. Use a screw to check the thread

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Technical information about the combination tap bits

Combination bit for core drilling, tapping and deburring.

<“Strong” square, “strong” square.

Standard Factory standard
Designation Combi-Bits
Thread standard Metric
Material HSS-G
material to be processed steel
hole type trough hole <1xd
direction right
Tolerance 6h
Nominal diameter Pitch D1 L1 Square  GSR
mm mm mm mm mm Art. No.
M 3 0,5 2,5 36 1/4″ 04501130
M 4 0,7 3,3 39 1/4″ 04501150
M 5 0,8 4,2 41 1/4″ 04501170
M 6 1 5 44 1/4″ 04501190
M 8 1,25 6,8 50 1/4″ 04501210
M 10 1,5 8,5 59 1/4″ 04501230


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